Consultants For 50 Years

“My father Luigi, founder of the firm, passed away in 2008 leaving me and my brother a very important task: to carry on his activity, with the same seriousness and ethics con la he worked with.”

These are the words of Claudio Pucci, eldest son, accountant, running the firm for over 30 beside his father, who adds: “Every day it is an honor for me to continue activity started by my father registered accountant since1963, when he embarked in this adventure as a pioneer in the accounting field in the Province, with rigor, seriousness and wishing to face the innumerable changes in the legal, tax and labor field, which distinguished the Nation’s economy during those years”.

A 50 years long tradition, a rich experience inherited and enhanced by working in the field, carried out by the sons, Claudio and Alessandro, always studying, updating and facing every new necessity, constantly evolving.

The crisis of these past few years brought the whole system in a new era where almost everything that seemed certain and consolidate has been compromised. Then again, it is during a crisis that the best opportunities present themselves. The crisis is a chance to grow, to change, to improve, to find alternative solutions, to make different choices to get those distant objectives that seem unattainable today. Studio Pucci Associati, in a time of crisis, pledges, besides the usual company support, to embrace the discomfort and to provide the required competence, during this complicated economical phase, to every person and every company that wants to, as Einstein put it, “Overcome the crisis, by outdoing himself without being overcome”.

“To offer, as my father did in the past, competence, experience and new ideas, “entrepreneurial co-presence” was born in our firm”; my son and my daughter, Jacopo and Claudia, guarantee a generational change and a breath of fresh air, with original and up to date ideas, basically an extra edge, necessary to change and required by the mutated economic and social conditions.

While we wait, hoping for Jacopo and Claudia to celebrate it with their own children, in 50 years, the firm’s hundredth anniversary, a special thank you from the heart, in this very important moment, goes to EVERY CLIENT, every precious employee and every collaborator.