Creation of a Business

We recently added this page on our site for a simple reason, which we are going to explain. We have to acknowledge the fact that the recession that started a decade ago, which in our country came after an economic boom, caused, within many other damages, the destruction of  companies.

There are more dying companies than there are being born. A negative sign that made us and still has to make us think.

Without doubt internationalization and delocalization events had an effect on all this, but today there is no “company culture”, so those who create a company usually either do this because of their experience in the field as employees, because they are joining a family business, or because they’re being adventurous.

We could spend a lot of time on this subject, asking why schools and universities don’t give students the right state of mind to become businessmen, or why there are more obstacles for a new businessman than there should be, but we’d risk falling into useless arguments without concrete answers.

Everyone has to do their part, therefore the accountant, who spends his life creating and following companies, can be an institutionally important character for the creation of companies. With this term we mean everything, starting from a company’s feasibility study, to initially needed budgets, to the new company’s governance and so on and so forth.

Studio Pucci Associati, also thanks to its 50 years of activity, has made this specialization its focal point, especially for everything that concerns the passage of a company from a generation to another and the related issues. There have been many cases of success with companies followed by our firm for decades that went through this passage.

Nowadays we notice great pessimism and disappointment in young people that are replacing the previous generation.

This pessimism isn’t completely unjustified, because the period we are going through demands great dedication and attention and offers low possibilities of success. It is a risky bet, but it’s also stimulating.

Studio Pucci Associati with its partners is here, ready to assist the new businessmen.


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