Tax consulting

This is the area where our firm has more than 10 years of experience and an inside staff specialized in the individual tax types. The interpretation of tax regulations is connected to fulfilling obligations and managing and inspecting bookkeeping, preparing tax return and more specialized contexts such as document records, extraordinary transactions, tax cuts.

The taxes processed by our firm, while providing complete support for them, are the following:

IRES (Italian Corporate Income Tax)

IRE (Italian Personal Income Tax)

IRAP (Italian Regional Productive Activities Tax)


Imposta Di Registro (Registration Fee)

Imposta Di Successioni E Donazioni (Succession And Donation Duty)

Imposte Catastali Ed Ipotecarie (Cadastral And Mortgage Tax)

The cases faced by the staff during its activity are shared within periodic work groups or education sessions where news in regulations or complete subjects are debated, both in a theoretical and a practical manner.

The fiscal section is thoroughly taken care of with attention and preparation. The client, be it a large or small business or an individual person, always finds an answer to the doubts given by a tumultuous and constantly evolving legislation.

Tax issues are treated based on their origin. If they concern the accounting and statements field, or if the request comes from the client and concerns a practical matter, every member of the staff supporting the client shoulders the issue.

In case of questions or more specific situations, the procedure gets absorbed by the legal department, which also takes care of requests made to the client by the financial and accounting offices (warnings, verification notices, payment notices, etc.).



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