Legal advice and tax litigation

Studio Pucci Associati has always payed close attention to the study of the regulations concerning the branches of activity. With particular care for commercial, societary, tax and labour law,  the firm’s associates of reference of the client, coordinated by the legal department that collaborates with our firm, are punctually updated on current regulations.

Furthermore, we periodically post newsletters on our site about the main subjects that could interest the target of the firm’s clients and send them to our clients.

We also regularly organize professional update sessions on subjects, that are selected each time and exposed by our firm’s partners and associates either on site or through e-learning sessions. For the updates, the firm uses a vast library, available for everyone, and a database on the various subjects.

Since the beginning, as it is one of the main activities, Studio Pucci Associati protects taxpayers in tax litigation. This activity is directly coordinated by Claudio Pucci, the senior partner, who makes use of the legal department that collaborates with the firm for the proceedings.

As an expert professional, he is specialized in pre-litigation areas and specifically in the sanatory procedures that were object of the Italian tax regulation from the first tax remissions to the current “voluntary disclosure”.

His experience in this area has in fact facilitated the understanding of the highly complicated subject related to the international tax system and its consequences.

Studio Pucci Associati also follows and assists the clients during the entire pre-litigation phase of the financial administration payment notifications and tax inspections in the various types expected by the current regulations.


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