Salaries and Contributions

Labor consulting, traditional activity of Studio Pucci Associati, is completed with the payroll processing service, as well as every related service such as welfare department statements, obligations with employment agencies, tax return, etc.

This activity provided by Your assistant is also supervised by a digital structure, with the use of top notch tools and software, making it stand out for the quality employed in its execution. The relationship with the client is almost completely maintained through the web, resulting in precision when meeting deadlines and managing obligations, all while maintaining a service quality acknowledged by the client.

The service is applied on every category on which a collective labor agreement is active and also on those situations that because of their characteristics are separated from standard welfare.

Needless to say that the aforementioned service also offers constant telephone and web support and as a result the client can ask for further clarifications or converse about the many issues in this field, at any time.

This makes us Your assistant in human resources, by facing labor related obligations with the company’s employees and welfare and assistance departments.


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