Your Assistant

While conceiving the texts for this site we found it necessary to also talk about a subject that isn’t strictly professional but is still equally important which concerns legal obligations for civil, fiscal and labor regulations. A subject that since 1973 with the tax reform has burdened the professional firms with the obligation to process bookkeeping and related duties. We intentionally chose the term “process” since nowadays everything associated with this type of duties is tied to information technology.

When we thought about how to describe this section of services provided by Studio Pucci Associati we decided to identify ourselves as “assistants”. If we reflect on this term, there’s nothing more spot-on. The fact that accountants today are actual assistants to their clients can’t be denied. Whether or not this is a positive thing, it is the truth. Excessive bureaucratization in our country loaded taxpayers, and consequently their accountants, with a series of obligations that are today considered to on of the causes of our economy’s suffocation.

It is thanks to the assistants that Italian taxpayers can fulfill their duties and the Italian government can rapidly collect taxes.

And here Studio Pucci Associati steps forward with its complex structure as a punctual and precise assistant to the taxpayer, through its sophisticated digital structure and its experience of over 10 years in data processing through the web, on a platform shared by associates and clients.

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