Accounting and Tax Management

On the first of January, 1973 in Italy, the tax reform became law and it became mandatory for companies, regardless of their dimension, to keep accounting books. The natural reaction was to turn to the accountant, who from a “consultant” turned into an “assistant”.

Our firm geared up immediately for this service which went from annual (before 1973, Individual Income tax return was only due once a year on May) to continual and required invoice and petty cash book recording (depending on the type of accounting) and consecutive VAT and income registration.

We were on the front line already in 1975 with the employment of informatic technologies that were replacing invoice and accounting manual compiling. Considering this service as the firm’s core business, which also needed an automatic setting, an “ad hoc” structure was created. Today the service company ESSEPI Srl is always present and supports the firm’s clients as an “assistant” for the obligations the client has to follow towards the financial administration.

Over the years the structure evolved making technology its focal point. In fact today, with notable time savings, the client can simply send his documents on a specifically designed web platform where, with no paper circulation, they are digitally registered and archived on a digital platform that the client can access through a secure area at any time, even 10 years later, to collect and print what is necessary without the trouble of searching through hard-copy archives. The safety of this digital system is top notch and it is a sensible and priceless matter for us. This is why the tools we utilize, provided by specialized companies, are protected from intrusions and from anything that could pose as a threat to data safety and privacy.

The service company’s team works in very close contact with the firm for every juridical issues related to accounting and fiscal complications and offers continuous assistance while executing the service with absolute compliance with current regulations.

Needless to say that the aforementioned service also offers constant telephone and web support so that the client can ask for further clarifications or converse about the many issues in this field at any time.

All this, for the “tax paying client”, makes us “the assistant” who faces fiscal obligations with the financial administration and with its external departments.

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