Your Consultant

Our 50 years’ experience with companies and people taught us the importance of the role played by the CONSULTANT.

A CONSULTANT is someone who faces risks, satisfactions and concerns of a company, together with the client.

A CONSULTANT is someone who offers his intellect and his abilities to whoever requests them, however small or great he may be.

A CONSULTANT is someone who teaches the client not only economy, finance, the tricks of the trade, but more importantly respect for the law, ethics and morals.

Our firm’s founder always paid much attention to these principles and passed them on the current members, who found themselves in a complicated era for human relations and moral justness and always tried to live by Luigi Pucci’s teachings.

Our consultation activity involves every need a businessman or person may have.

The consultation activities provided by every single one of our experts for a very disparate clientele are:

tax consulting

corporate advisory

juridical consulting and tax litigation

labor consulting

auditing and legal auditing, also in public bodies

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