Labor consulting

When the founder of the firm, Rag. Luigi Pucci, began this career 50 years ago, his main activity was “labor consulting”. This is why our firm has always been known in this sector, which today represents a specialized branch in accounting careers.

The tradition continues and today the person directly involved in this sector is Jacopo Pucci, the founder’s grandson, the firm’s junior partner and labor consultant.

In addition to HR services, the firm offers a continuous consultation activity for employers in the chaotic field of our country’s delegification in the business world.

We also guarantee continuous assistance during inspections by competent authorities and during controversy phases towards welfare institutions and towards work related litigations. Lately, the firm’s structure has dedicated a lot of its time to giving support to businesses that resorted to social safety nets.

The sector is completed with a precise and punctual payroll process service with the application of a wide variety of employment contracts.

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