Our Mission

Our firm’s mission, respecting the founder’s directions, is to provide the client with an integrated service able to guarantee a full support, thanks to the specific competences offered by the studio’s professionals, experts in the various areas, as well as associates and partnerships, so that the client can always find an answer to the issues concerning his business or family management.

The services provided by our firm, since its establishment to the present day, are adjusted to the current people’s and companies’ economic period and demands, originating from the confrontation with the current economic reality. The firm’s history has been through all of them: from the postwar economic boom, to the first recession in the 70’s, real estate and stock market bubbles and finally, to the present day financial and economic recession.

Within we conduct a research and development activity to guarantee a continuous update for the development, the consolidation and today the preservation of companies and assets. Studio Pucci Associati’s objectives, included in the strategic planning matrix that is the guideline of the ISO 9001:2000 certification released to the firm since 2003, observed the consulting activity shift from the mere fulfillment of the law’s obligations to managing the client business, extending its services in light of globalization phenomena and corporate finance.

The firm’s founder, Rag. Luigi, identified the accountant’s job as a proper “support” for businesses, groups and families. He used to say that “the stiffness of the world we work in, gave us the required flexibility to allow the accountant, also thanks to the staff’s specific expertise, to offer flexible services, also tailored to the client’s needs, from the full package to personalized consulting, from business to family”. This is how it has been and always will be for STUDIO PUCCI ASSOCIATI.